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TeleTherapy Appointments

TeleTherapy is a secure video call appointment that makes it easy for you to receive therapy from the convenience of your own home.

Safe & Secure
Online Sessions

Rooted Foundations uses a HIPAA-compliant video platform that is simple to use. Though it is not the same as meeting in person, many users report being able to receive the same-level client care. 

Tips for an ideal TeleTherapy experience:

  • Check your WiFi signal

  • Sign-in from a private area in your home

  • Use earbuds

  • Be sure all participants are visible

Image by Mary Eineman
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To launch TeleTherapy from a mobile device:

TeleHealth Icon.webp
  1. Download the "Telehealth by Simple Practice" app from your phone's app store. Available for Apple or Android

  2. Launch the app at the time of your appointment, .

  3. Open the email confirmation you receive after scheduling an appointment

  4. Copy and paste the unique video appointment link (from your email confirmation).

  5. Follow the prompts.

  6. ​ Select "Join Video Call."

To launch TeleTherapy from a laptop or desktop computer:

Option 1:

  1. After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an appointment reminder that contains a "Join your Video Appointment" link.

  2. Click on the link at the time of your appointment. (There is no need to download anything.)  

Option 2: 

  1. Login to the Simple Practice client portal

  2. From the "Appointments" page, click on "Join Video" at the time of your appointment. 

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